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Choose Material and Raised Surface Finish

100% Post-Consumer
Minimum of 87% Copper

Aluminum Association
Alloy Designation C443.2

Image 1

Satin Bronze

Image 2

Orbital Bronze

Image 3

Polished Bronze

Image 4

Satin Aluminum

Image 5

Orbital Aluminum

Choose Background Texture


Simulates the look and feel of leather. Gives the casting a more premium or high-end look, and can also provide a non-slip grip.


Simulates the look and feel of small pebbles. Can give the casting an interesting and unique look and also provide a non-slip grip.


Simulates a sculpted or carved look and gives the casting a more artistic and detailed look. Creates a sense of movement, depth, and realism in the casting.


Simulates the look and feel of travertine, a type of limestone that is often used in building and architectural applications. Travertine has a unique, naturally occurring pattern of holes and troughs, giving it a unique look.

Premium Finishes

Chrome Plating

Raised surfaces are highly polished. The casting is then
chrome-plated for a high-end reflective appearance.

Per square inch +$3.50

*min. of $200, Tank Size 90" x 30", Cannot exceed 90lbs.

Granite Infill

Recessed areas are infilled with a pulverized granite and
resin mixture. Then, a high quality polished finish is applied
to the entire piece.

Up to 150 sq. in. add $500
150-255 add $4.10 per sq. in.
256-575 add $3.00 per sq. in.
576-900 add $1.82 per sq. in.
901-1500 add $1.40 per sq. in.
Over 1500 add $1.36 per sq. in.

Digital Printing

Full-color graphics, including wood grains, can be printed in
recesses and on raised elements with provided artwork.

Call 210-344-3777 or email for Quote

*Square inch printing cannot exceed 48” x 120”

Choose Plaque Background color

A. Dark Oxide Stain
B. Light Oxide Stain
C. Dark Green
D. Dark Bronze M-313
E. Medium Bronze M-312
F. Light Bronze M-311
G. Dark Brown M-70
H. Natural Sandblast (Bronze)
I. Golden Bronze M-40

J. Black
K. Metallic Grey
L. Natural Sandblast (Aluminum)
M. Dark Grey M-9
N. Medium Grey M-8
O. Light Grey M-5

P. Beige M-65
Q. Cream M-71
R. Ivory M-58
S. Dark Blue M-28
T. Medium Blue M-25
U. Light Blue M-20
V. Maroon M-118
W. Dark Red M-115
X. Red M-107
Y. Green M-38
Z. Orange M-102
AA. White

*Custom Colors Also Available
Custom-matched color $110 additional
(minimum) charge. Submit PMS color
matching system numerical designation.

Hand-Rubbed Finishes

Simulates the look of antique bronze or
pewter. Recessed areas have multiple
tones of brownish black created by
hand-rubbing the color from the metal.
Raised areas may be left with light
amounts of hand-rubbed color or can be
satin-belted or polished.

Choose Protective Coating

Diamond Shield® Protective Coating
Recommended for exterior use, this clear
coat is factory-applied only. A higher
gloss that provides maximum durability
in harsh exterior environments.

Matthews Clear Protective Lacquer
A low-gloss appearance that
inhibits oxidizing.

Choose your Border

Flat Relief Decorative Borders

*Custom Flat Relief Borders also available


Choose Mounting Method