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Step 1

Submit your Fiesta Medal questionnaire.

While vector artwork remains the preferred format, it's important to remember that we accept submissions in any file type. Oftentimes, customers need alterations to their designs, so the simplest approach is to provide us with your file in its existing format.

Step 2

Our artists create a digital copy.

Our skilled team of artists will transform your design into a line drawing suitable for the enamel process. White spaces in the design represent cavities to be filled with enamel, while black lines depict the metal parts of the pin. Some designs, like photographs, may need significant simplification, while others created by graphic artists can be replicated precisely as presented. Each design is unique and treated accordingly!

Step 3

Select Pantone colors and a metal tone.

Utilizing the Pantone color system, which offers an extensive selection of pre-mixed and numbered hues, we can pick enamel colors that align with your designs. Moreover, during this phase, we also determine a suitable plating option that will function as the foundational metal for your pin.

Step 4

Finalize your design.

At this point, your design starts taking shape as we assemble a production sheet illustrating the potential realization of your concept. This sheet serves as a foundation, showcasing elements such as size, front/back views, plating options, PMS colors, and the attachment method proposed for your project.

Step 5

Make and Ship.

After receiving your approval, we'll commence the pin production process according to the approved proof. Please allow a few weeks for manufacturing, after which we'll send a tracking number to the email address associated with the order.

Personalisiert für Sie

Perfekt, um Ihr Geschäft zu fördern, Spenden zu sammeln, zu sammeln oder Ihre Fiesta-Party unvergesslich zu machen.

Professionelle Künstler

Ob Ihre Idee für eine Fiesta-Medaille auf eine Serviette gekritzelt, in Ihrem Kopf oder professionell gezeichnet ist, wir können Ihnen helfen, die perfekte Fiesta-Medaille für Sie oder Ihre Organisation zu erstellen.

Optionen für jedes Budget

Wir passen jedes schriftliche Angebot an. Keine Würfelgebühren. Niedriger Mindestbestellwert. Kostenlose Standardfarbbandvorhänge.

Rush-Optionen verfügbar

Wir bieten interne Express-Fiesta-Medaillenoptionen mit einer Bearbeitungszeit von nur 48 Stunden.

Keine Versandkosten bei Abholung im Geschäft

Im Geschäft abholen und NULL Versandkosten zahlen.

Exklusive farbige Fiesta-Bänder

Das Design einer Website sollte mit den verkauften Produkten korrespondieren und diese widerspiegeln.